How to sell your home in a difficult market. The meltdown in the sub-prime lending market has created an earthquake in the residential property market. Real estate has always experienced cycles, but the current cycle is turning out to be far more severe than anything in recent memory. This time, not only are prices collapsing as the bubble bursts, but due to regulatory intervention and a drastic tightening of underwriting criteria, many qualified buyers are experiencing difficulty getting loans for property they can easily afford.

   The "How to Sell Your House" website is designed to help you sell your house in a difficult market. On these pages you will find tricks, tips and sage advice that will help your home be one of the very few with a "SOLD" sign out front.

Legal Traps

Creative financing...

    Many people read the famous "No Money Down" books of Robert G. Allen and others, and took his advice to heart. It was not uncommon to lie on mortgage applications - with a nod and wink from the mortgage company. Sometimes, they even helped with the 'white-out'..

   When things start to melt-down, it can get ugly. In some jurisdictions where they have had aggressive prosecutors, he would get the DA to prepare two indictments for someone with a falsified "Proof of Income" submitted to the bank - one for income tax evasion, and one for bank fraud. OUCH.

   During desperate times, people can be pressured into taking desperate measures, be sure that you always err on the side of caution. Consult a lawyer if you are not sure.



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WIth regard to real estate law, some actions may be legal in some jurisdictions and under one set of circumstances, while under another set of circumstances, may constitute a tort or crime. Before you advertise or make any dealings involving property, be sure that what you propose to do is legal in the jurisdiction where you are doing business. This holds especially true for "creative financing".



Real Estate News

Sell Cheap or Rent?

  Some people have chosen to rent their homes instead of selling at a huge loss. This may make sense if your rental costs can cover your mortgage, taxes and expenses. On the other hand, if you are hoping to stem the losses until prices rebound - you may have a very long wait. If your costs are very low - this may be a very good option.

   If you are losing money on the property by the bucketload - even after it is rented, then unfortunately, you may be only delaying the pain and eventual day of reckoning.